Solid Pewter

Our solid pewter handles are hand-finished. Their
natural patina improves with age and they are the
perfect complement to our timber doors and
painted collection.

         H641.160.PE (160mm)                                        H642.80.PE (80mm)                                                     H637.128.PE  (128mm)                                          H644.160.PE (160mm)
  H638.192.PE (192mm)                                                H550.128.PE  (128mm)                                         H580.160.PE (160mm)                                               H466.128.PE (128mm)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            H465.160.PE (160mm)

K627.45.PE (45mmØ)
c/w backplate 
K628.50.PE (50mmØ)
45mm backplate 
   K643.49.PE  (49mmØ) K305.40.PE (40mmØ)
B382.40.PE (backplate)  
K306.34.PE (34mm)     ATSSKPE (32mmØ)
   ATLSKPE (40mmØ)
  K478.44.PE (44mmØ)   K479.44.HPE (44mmØ)    K480.25.PE (25mmØ) K483.36.PE (36mmØ)
K481.40.PE (40mmØ)
K484.44.PE (44mmØ)
backplate B487.40.PE
K485.40.P (40mmØ)
  K486.45.PE   (45mmØ) K489.47.PE(47mmØ) K488.46.PE (46mmØ) K490.40.PE (40mm) B487.40.PE backplate (45mmØ) H164.32.PE (32mm)

H457.64.PE (64mm) H679.32.PE (32mm) H624.64.PE (64mm) H625.64.PE (64mm)
H451.128.PE (128mm) H546.96.PE (96mm) H146.96.PE (96mm)

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