Make your kitchen work for you

  • Position dedicated cupboard space for your packaged groceries adjacent to your refrigerator. Kesseböhmer larders come in a range of options so finding all those packets and tins is far easier.
  • Maximise lost space in corner cupboards: Le Mans or Magic Corners transform inaccessible corner cupboards.
  • Larders and pull-outs are perfect for storing packaged foods. Larders offer several advantages over drawers – for one, you can read the labels and view the contents more easily.
  • Even a small space can be useful. A 150mm pull-out positioned next to the sink is ideal for the fairy liquid, dishcloth and dishwasher tablets!
  • Store heavy items lower down and in height-adjustable spacers. A Le Mans or Revo takes the physical strain of reaching and lifting.

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