Aluminium and Combination

A modern material, designer aluminum offers a sleek but very striking look. Match the handle to your wood worktop or door
         H038.192.AL (192mm)                                                                                      H034.192.AL (192mm)                                                                           H193.160.SN (160mm)
                                                                                                                                   H035.256.AL (256mm)                                                                       Stainless steel effect & oak insert
         H195.160.SN (160mm)                                                                                      H435.160.BSB (160mm)                                                                         H438.160.BSO (160mm)
         Stainless steel effect & clear insert                                                                  Brushed steel & beech                                                                          Brushed steel & oak
         H437.160.BSC (160mm)                                                                                    H436.160.BSM (160mm)
         Brushed steel & cherry                                                                                     Brushed steel & maple

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